Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Home Security

The following guidance was extracted from the Crime Prevention Association of Toronto website,

Home security guidance:

  • A good deadbolt lock on your exterior doors should have at least a 1” throw.
  • If your home is equipped with sliding glass doors, a lock for the upper track should be installed to prevent the door from being lifted from its track.
  • Garage doors should be kept locked at all times, especially those leading directly into the home.
  • Lock your vehicles at all times, even when in the garage, so access cannot be gained by unwanted intruders.
  • Be sure second story windows are closed and locked when you are not at home. On occasion, patio furniture has been used as a stepladder to gain access to upper levels of the home.
  • Be sure to have hedges trimmed below the window level to prevent hiding spots for criminals.
  • Mark your property with an identifying mark by using an engraver. Property which is marked is easier for police to identify and harder for criminals to sell.
  • When you move to a new home, always have the locks replaced immediately.
  • Make sure that outside lights are in good working order at all times.
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