Monday, March 7, 2011

Toronto Police Service offers opportunity for community input with online polling

The following is March 7, 2011 New Release from,

To expand the opportunities for community input, the Toronto Police Service includes online polling on its website at

Every three weeks, questions are posted on various policing issues and the results published at the end of the period. Results from previous polls are also available.

A new poll began Monday, March 7, 2011, asking the following questions:
  •    Do you regularly visit online media sites, blogs, networking sites (e.g. Facebook), etc.?
  •    If 'yes', do you: read articles, postings, etc., indicate likes or dislikes, share the articles, postings, etc. with friends, add your comments to articles, postings, make your own posting, etc.?
  •    Do you regularly visit the Toronto Police Service's (TPS) Facebook or Twitter?
  •    If 'yes', have you: posted on the TPS Facebook site, commented on the TPS Facebook site, 'liked' something on the TPS Facebook site, followed the TPS on Twitter, tweeted the TPS?

The TPS is encouraging the people of Toronto to visit the "Have Your Say" section on the TPS website, and provide the Service with their opinions. 

Constable Tony Vella, Corporate Communications, for 
Carrol Whynot, Corporate Planning